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10 Safe Car Driving Tips to Remember on the Road Auto Trader California

lways putting your seat belt on. You set the tone. If you are driving, make sure your seatbelt is buckled. Engage: Remind your passengers to wear their seatbelts if they aren't willing to.

Following these simple and safe driving techniques can ensure that everyone in your vehicle is properly buckled up, and that's one tiny step you can make to make roads a little bit safer for all.

2. Be careful not to text while driving

There's no doubt that texting while driving is dangerous. According to research the act of texting and driving distracted increases your risk of being in an accident 23 times. Many drivers still choose to make use of their cell phones regardless of all the warnings.

If you're among the people who can't seem to put down your phone while driving, here are a few safe car driving tips to consider that can be able to help you get rid of the habit:

1. Your phone should be kept out of your range. 2. Move to a safe location first before you use your phone. 3. Take your phone on the trip if there are passengers on the trip. 4. Remember that texting and emailing do not provide security.

The following tips to drive safely can help you stay safe from distracted driving. This is something that everyone will be able to comprehend!

3. Please respect the speed limit.

Everyone knows that speeding can be risky. Speeding can be dangerous, however sometimes it can happen. The temptation to speed can be attractive temptation, no matter if we are late to an appointment or trying to reach our destination faster. But even if just go a couple of miles in excess of what the limit is, it's still placing others and ourselves at risk.

The legal speed limit in the United States is 55 mph. it's not 55 mph in the state of Texas.