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Simple Ways to Take Better Care of Your Teeth Teeth Video

The intake of water is crucial to being healthy and fit. The moisturizing effect of water on tissues is that it encourages salivary function. Saliva does more than buffer acid, it aids the process of digestion. It shields teeth from decay , and also helps combat infections. 4. Snack Wisely Certain food items are healthier for your tooth than others. Sweets that are sticky may lead to tooth decay by sticking to teeth. Fruits and vegetables on the other hand are healthier for your teeth. Chewing apples and carrots helps keep your teeth healthy. Limit your intake of sweet drinks and drinks, and instead drink more water , which helps wash away germs that cause tooth decay. 5. Cleanse properly The health of your teeth is one of the most important things you be doing for your health. Brush your teeth at least every day, for 30 minutes. Make sure you clean all the surfaces of your teeth. Choose the appropriate toothbrush Make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush that is gentle on your mouth. 6. Nur bites of food Avoid using the strength of your bite to boost the effort when having trouble with a difficult packaging, or trying to open a pistachio, or struggling with your bottle's cap stuck. Resist! Biting things like plastic packaging or ice can weaken and damage the teeth. A nutcracker or pair of scissors can be better alternatives. Make sure your teeth are treated with respect and let them do the job of biting the food. 7. Keep Your Tongue Clean Do not forget to clean your tongue because bacteria aren't just accumulating in your teeth. Color and breath problems can result from bacteria building up on the tongue. Cleansing your tongue by either scraping or brushing. Start with the back and gradually move to the tips. .